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The project comes up from the need to create a living floor which responds actively and effectively to the various parameters. Manipulating existing surface provides the floor a whole new meaning. The new redefinition of the floor is understood in the way of topological form, avoiding obstacles or interruptions. The third dimension occurs by the longitudinal cutting of the surface in longitudinal strips and subsequent stretching vertically. This operation stretches existing plant to increase the area which was occupying only the top view. The variation of the density of vegetable pixelation sought to optimize the appearance of vegetation between paths and stay zones.

LOCATION: Camarzana de Tera, Zamora.

Javier de Antón

Basic Design and Construction Management: Javier de Antón
Project Implementation: J. de Antón and Manuel Sánchez-Vera
Collaborators: Antonio San Hipólito, Laura Torres
Manuel Chirivella, Inés Fernández, Miguel Ubarrechena
José Luís Serzo, Juan Valle and Bernardo Cummins
Quantity Surveyor: Angel Villar
Promoter: Cajamir s.l.
Building Contractor: Castaño Villar s.l.
Photographer: Esaú Acosta (+34 669390219)
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